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 Oops and OH NO!

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Oops and OH NO! Empty
PostSubject: Oops and OH NO!   Oops and OH NO! EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 9:03 pm

On Wednesday we had Stanley Steemer come out and clean the carpets in preparation for getting the new entertainment center into the family room. Said entertainment center is in the back yard - freshly painted and starting to look great. It is oak and I hated to paint it but wanted to changed discount jerseysout the knobs BUT when I pulled off those "wonderful" 80's face plates that were behind the knobs we discovered that they had stained and varnished the upper doors WITH the face plates on so there was bare wood behind them and a "lip" of varnish around where they had been soooo.... we painted it black. It's almost done... Will post pics soon!

Oops - We painted the backer boards for the entertainment system kinda late laststeelers jerseys cheap night and left them overnight to dry (it was supposed to 55 degrees last night) so we thought they'd be safe. I went out to look everything over and discovered that they were COVERED in BUGS! Stuck in the paint so todays chore was going to be debugging the backs for touch up so we can get everything in before the rain sets it tomorrow but that got delayed a bit - keep reading.... you'll see why!

OH NO! - I THOUGHT that the back panel pieces were dry so I let the puppies out to nfl jerseys cheapdo their business and went into the kitchen to get a drink. The puppies wanted back in so I opened the door, they both came in and I turned and just happened to look down - only to find BLACK paw prints on the carpet! Apparently the puppies had walked across the back panels and since they were wet with dew which has "released" the paint! So after giving the puppies quick baths to get the paint off their paws (and one of Sugars ears) I grabbed the carpet cleaner (and recruited my helper, Drew) to get the carpet spots cleaned and then proceeded to jerseys wholesalescrub the master bath and floor - there were black paw prints everywhere (since I couldn't put both puppies in the bathtub together without them wanting to play!). I had such a hard time not laughing at it all!

So I don't have pictures of the "painted" puppies since I was concerned over their health and the cheap jerseyseffects the paint might have on them BUT I do have pictures of the backer boards that I will post - I don't know where the memory card adapter is since half the living room is in boxes and the "big" computer isn't up (I am writing this on my laptop).

Now, I am off to start "debugging" the backer boards so Howard can spray them again and we can get everything put together!

Have a great day AND enjoy this gorgeous day!
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Oops and OH NO!
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